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Dress Code

Explore PK-8 Dress Code/Phones/Music Policies

Updated June 01, 2023

Explore PK-8 follows the district standard outlined in the Mapleton Student Behavior Handbook
Students are welcome and encouraged to show their school pride by wearing school colors & Explore logo tees.

Important guidelines & suggestions

 Students at Explore may wear pants, skirts, or shorts with the following clothing guidelines:

  • Pants/skirts/shorts including jeans are acceptable with and without stitching as long as any writing is not distracting to the learning environment. Therefore, gang symbols, violent images, such as skulls and knives, disrespectful sayings, alcohol advertisements etc. are not allowed on any item of clothing. 
  • Sagging of pants will not be allowed at school 

Students at Explore also honor the following guidelines:

  • Clothing needs to be functional for school which includes days when students have adventure fitness for their specials class. 
  • "Heely" wheeled shoes create a safety hazard and should not be worn to school or the wheels should be removed and kept at home. 
  • While inside the Explore building, students should not wear hats/hoods or use music devices including, bluetooth ear pieces.
  • Student phones are discouraged and we would prefer that they stay home. Phones should never be used to take unauthorized pictures or videos anywhere on our school grounds during hours of operation.
  • Always plan on your child going outside to play, with the exception of temps below 25 degrees or if there is heavy snow and rain.